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Gatsby Real Estate

About This Project

Tour properties in immersive virtual reality from the comfort of your couch – all you need is a Google Cardboard, a smartphone, and this app. Download our free app, place your smartphone into the Google Cardboard headset, and teleport yourself into real spaces currently on the market for buying or renting. Your time is valuable, and moving around can be hard and time-consuming. We provide you with the ability to tour multiple properties in a day without having to travel a single mile, saving you precious time for a movie marathon with your bestie or your kid’s dance recital. We know you want to make the best choice – say goodbye to misleading pictures, half-truths and disorienting depictions. High fidelity 360 environments and photorealistic 3D models of spaces are here to revolutionize your online home-viewing experience so that you can explore every square inch as if you already owned the place. Experience your next family home or bachelor/bachelorette pad in real life without the hassle of lugging yourself and your loved ones around – instead, share your options with your friends and family wherever they are, whenever they want. We’re basically the future of real estate – kick back, relax, and find your nook in virtual reality.

Trust, True-to-life: Cannot be tricked by nice pictures when the properties actually look not-so-nice. Can immediately get a better sense of the property. No bad surprises when you see the property in real life.

Can take as much time as you want perusing around the property. Can show to others – friends, family, etc. – who may not be able to join for a real-life walkthrough.

Voiceover describing the property and/or music create immersiveness and set the mood.
All the sudden, touring properties feels fun and sociable.

Virtual Reality